My Christian Nonfiction Writing “Class”

A few weeks back, I was describing to a friend this new class I've been taking and when I reached the end she asked who was teaching it. I said I am. "Well, where'd you get the syllabus?" she asked. I made it. She was surprised and asked if I'd ever considered becoming a teacher … Continue reading My Christian Nonfiction Writing “Class”


Pride, Prejudice, Pressure and Pain: Becoming a Skeptical Receiver

Upon receiving my first debit card 16 years ago when I started college, I promptly began to spend and spend big. With movie scenes depicting cards being declined at fancy restaurants in the back of my mind, I thought that once its balance reached zero, my card would stop letting me make purchases. I soon … Continue reading Pride, Prejudice, Pressure and Pain: Becoming a Skeptical Receiver

Life is Good

So, these posts are all beginning to start off the same—"It's been a long time"—but hopefully you won't be hearing that from me again for a while. I'll keep this update short and sweet.  Life is so good right now it's scary.  I'm enjoying DC. And I have the best friends scattered all over the … Continue reading Life is Good

I’m back

After about a four month hiatus on the blog I'm back.  A lot has happened in that time:  I visited rural villages in the north of Laos, I went to Vietnam, I moved back to America, spent a week in Seattle, had a fun welcome back party with family, spent a crazy month in DC … Continue reading I’m back