Searching for Mr. Sharpie

He arrived two minutes early, blazered and buttoned up, with shoulders, as he put it, as wide as my hips. Finding our table, we exchanged compliments on how improved the date versions of ourselves were over our post-workout versions who had met the Saturday before on the edge of Chinatown. Had I not chosen the … Continue reading Searching for Mr. Sharpie


34 Eve: My Humpty Dumpty Year in Review

  You know the story. High wall. Fragile man. Great fall. Irreparable damage. There were many moments where it felt like that was my year. Shortly after turning 33, someone told me it was my Jesus year. Listen, I don’t know what that means but if it means growing acquainted with the cross, not having … Continue reading 34 Eve: My Humpty Dumpty Year in Review