American Privilege: A Thanksgiving Tale

DC is a city of sirens. I cannot make a phone call outside without having to pause for ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars to go by. They are the ambient noise to which I fall asleep, sometimes even puncturing my rest as tragedy and crime ravage the night. They are a nuisance, an interruption, … Continue reading American Privilege: A Thanksgiving Tale


My Favorite Things: Writing

Those old-school black and white composition notebooks were my favorite for writing down stories as a kid. When family came at Christmas, I wouldn't let them leave until everyone had spent some time with at least one of them. I liked coming up with elaborate plots but never finished stories. I also loved to write poetry—both … Continue reading My Favorite Things: Writing

The Christian’s Fear

I am a theologically conservative, politically liberal, Masters degree-holding, Christian, African-American woman. I have endured the scorn of the theologically liberal for being too conservative. I’ve received the reproach of the politically conservative for being a heretic. I’ve experienced the distrust of the uneducated for being elite. I’ve been accused by nonbelievers of being a … Continue reading The Christian’s Fear

I Know You to Be Kind: Responding to those who chose differently

In the days since the election, I've seen people grapple with how to respond to their friends who voted for Trump. I offered platitudes about staying engaged and trying to see things from others' views. I hadn't really had to personally to do this however because, until yesterday, I didn't know of any friends who made that decision. … Continue reading I Know You to Be Kind: Responding to those who chose differently