Spot, Sprinkler, Stealth: On Discipling Others

Having just extolled the benefits of being mentored, you’d think I would consider anything shy of one-on-one, regular, intentional, growth-centered discipleship a sham. But, as is often the case, we tend to cut ourselves more slack than we do others. Perhaps I need to be the mentor I wish to see in the world. Or … Continue reading Spot, Sprinkler, Stealth: On Discipling Others


Who Wants a Mentor?

“WHO WANTS A MENTOR FOR THE NEW YEAR” read the title of a post on a museum blogger’s website that I followed. Intrigued that someone would just put themselves out there to mentor someone coming up in the field, I clicked on the link. Linda had recognized the value of someone further along in their … Continue reading Who Wants a Mentor?